Done-For-You Email Promotion For Summer 2015

Attract New Clients, Get Them Faster Results and Sign Them For Long Term With This Proven “Cut & Paste” Email Promo Sequence

Cut, Paste, and Send out the SAME email promotions that I use In my training center to get 10, 20 even up to 80 new clients each month – Joshua Carter

Get The 28 Day Bikini Body Promotion for only $297 Now Only $197!

Here’s What You Get…

  • A Proven System That Attracts New Clients
  • Emails that Specifically target your prospect’s “pain points”
  • Perfect “Summer is here, get the body you want” promotion
  • Done For-You (Cut And Paste) Promo Emails
  • 28 Days of Done For-You (Cut & Paste) Accountability Emails
  • A Proven System To Retain 80-90% Of New Clients LONG TERM
  • A Unique Fat Loss Program Designed To Get Your Clients Rapid Results
  • Stunning Before/After Photos For Future Promos
  • Step-by-Step Videos Walking You Through The Entire Promotion

Done For You Promo Emails

  • The Ultimate Activity Stream

    Expertly crafted (and tested) emails designed to get new clients to sign up instantly and without hesitation. Just cut, paste, and send out these emails and get new clients into your program.

  • No Selling Required

    Utilizing the latest techniques in influential copy writing and direct response, these emails just plain work! These emails are so effective that they literally do the selling for you.

  • Easy As Cut & Paste

    Simple cut & paste with minimal editing. Just add you name and phone number and hit “send”. All the hard work has been done for you. Just press send.

6 Weeks Of Accountability Emails to keep them motivated

  • Weekly Inspiration

    Weekly inspirational emails filled with fitness tip and motivation to keep your clients accountable, coming in and getting fat loss results!

  • Videos Included

    Included in each email is an inspirational video related to the topic of the week. Keeping clients fired up and excited about the program. And as you know, the more often they come in during a promotional program the easier it is to keep them for the long haul.

  • Welcome to The Family

    Each email builds on the client’s sense of community. Letting them know you are in their corner every step of the way.

Here’s What Some Of The World’s Top Trainers Have Said About Josh’s Promotions

Short term promotions such as challenges, and contests are the backbone of DRIVING NEW CLIENTS into your fitness business. Josh has made it easy. Just cut, paste, and mail out the 28 day bikini body promotion quickly add more clients to your fitness program.

Bedros Keuilian Fitness Marketing Guru

Josh is my ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to transformation contests and promotions. With his help my business added OVER $120k in additional revenue in 2013. And that’s not even the best part! Josh’s done-for-you transformation contest promotions helped me (an average marketer) save a ton of time and frustration, allowing me to focus on areas of my business that I actually enjoy doing! But it doesn’t stop there. Not only does Josh craft compelling messages that just plain get people to BUY.

Dustin Martarano Real Results Fitness

Josh’s system is as done for you as it gets and I love done for you products . A great product that I highly recommend. He is a friend and a savvy marketer and one handsome dude.

Mitchell Lee Fit Figure Bootcamp

Joshua Carter is my go to man whenever I need to tweak and not twerk my fitness promo programs. He’s been in the game a long time and actually has a successful business.. which means a lot when modeling off someone or getting marketing tips!

His Transformation program is the best I have implemented so far. Make sure to pick copy up!

Jonas Deffes New Orleans Boot Camp

I have to say, I’m pretty awesome. I have spent the last 20 years honing my skills as both a marketer and a trainer. This program utilizes both of those talents and lets you reap the financial benefits. If you want more clients (and more money) this is the program for you. PS: Bacon.

Joshua Carter Carter Fitness

Josh has been a friend as well as someone I have looked up to in the industry for quite some time. He is not only a great guy, but extremely brilliant when it comes to selling, writing, and creating life-changing programs. I highly recommend you buy whatever Josh is offering

Dustin Maher Dustin Maher Fitness

Josh is a successful fitness professional who has a successful personal training business. He is the master at crafting great sales copy and compelling emails. He has helped me in the past run transformation contests and various seasonal promos. He has brought me literally thousands of dollars in new personal training clients.

Christian Aguirre Aguirre Fitness

Every single info, marketing, and fitness product I have ever purchased from Josh Carter has paid for itself (and then some) within days of implementing it. Easily a 20 to 1 return on investment. His stuff is so plug-and-play that it makes any decision to invest in him a no brainer. Do yourself a favor and pick up his Transformation Challenge Blueprint today before your competition does.

Trainer of The Year Sean Francis Kawartha Lakes Fit Corps Boot Camp

Josh has been a great friend of ours for a few years now and someone we highly respect. Every product we have invested in from Josh has been as systemized and done for you as they come. In fact recently one of Josh’s products brought in 33 new clients, I would say those results speak for themselves. Thanks for everything Josh! To anyone thinking of purchasing just do it.. you won’t regret it!

Cara & John Eckerman Brea and Chino Hills Fit Body Boot Camp

I use a blueprint that I Josh wrote not long ago. It makes me a shit ton of money (about 10K per launch and an additional 2K per month after each program, on average). Multiply this x 4 times a year. and you can see how it has been a GAME CHANGER in my biz. Every program sells out – usually within 6-10 hours. A new client told me recently, “I heard getting into you program was like trying to get tickets to Pearl Jam.” So, I’m forever indebted to Josh for his help.

Sara Sutherland Dean Fit Healthy Moms

Don’t Forget The Entire Fat Loss Nutrition Program…

Your Clients Can Lose 20+ Pounds In Only 4 Weeks

  • Unique & Unconventional Nutrition Plan Guaranteed To Get Fast Results
  • Full Program Guide
  • 6 Week Customized Sample Menu
  • Complete Grocery / Food List
  • Detailed Cheating Guide
  • The Dietary Fat Guide (EFA’s etc.)

Special Bonus

This program is so “done –for –you” it’s crazy. But how can I make it even easier to attract and sign up new clients with a push of a button? Easy.

By pre-loading all the emails for you in the #1 emailing system for trainers: FitPro Newslettter.

I have struck a deal with Bedros who created FitPro Newsletter so you’ll get an entire MONTH of access to their incredible client attraction platform for free. FitPro Newsletter makes sending out mass broadcast emails easy and automatic. And with best in class deliver rates and support you’re going to build your email list faster than ever.

You list + my email promos + FitPro Newsletter = MORE CLIENTS FOR YOU!

Already have FitPro Newsletter, great! Then you’ll get a month membership added for FREE when you order this done-for-you email promotion.

Here’s the best part! All the emails in this promotion will be PRE-LOADED into your FitPro Newsletter account. That’s right – they will automatically be loaded in your account ready for you to just press send and make money.

PLUS Your name, phone number and email address will also automatically be populated in each email. Can you beat that? Hell no!

Look, I’ve made sending out killer high converting email promotions easy, fast, and automatic for you.

  • I’ve written the emails
  • I’ve tested them out with my email list
  • I’m only selling you the email promotions that have performed the best for me
  • I’ve hooked up a sweet deal for you with FitPro Newsletter so you can easily mail out this promo
  • I’m giving you all of my follow up accountability emails and videos to use
  • And I’m giving you my best performing nutrition program to use as your own

FAST ACTION BONUS: Facebook Funnel Express

Did you think I forgot about Facebook? Heck no!

Just for you I have created the "Facebook Funnel Express" that exponentially increases the effectiveness of this already stellar program.

Here is your chance to discover how the #1 Facebook guru in the fitness industry (me) currently markets on Facebook. I will be your sherpa, your very own guide and coach and I'll show you how to customize and construct a Facebook Campaign that will completely dominate your competition.

See exactly how I do what I do - and how you can COPY my exact formula.

You'll Get

  • Over 40 ready to use Images
  • Step by step "Promoted Post" guide
  • How to Target Your Perfect Audience
  • Why You Should NEVER use "Boost Post"
  • What copy to use for maximum engagement
  • A Little Know Facebook "HACK" to Sneak in Compelling Copy
  • Plus a TON More...

Don't get me wrong, everything you need for a KILLER promo campaign is at your finger tips , but there's nothing like having a viral boost - literally reaching tens of THOUSANDS of prospects to capture leads and sign new clients

It is all yours as a bonus when you get on board now.

How much is it?

In the past I’ve charged $297 for my done-for-you email promos, and I’ve never had a problem selling them. However, since I want to help more trainers drive traffic and clients into their business I’ve decided to make the price of this complete “cut and paste” email promo affordable for ALL TRAINERS, so I’m pricing it at only $197 for a limited time (it's a one time fee).

Get The 28 Day Bikini Body Promotion Promotion for only $297 Now Only $197!

If you want to get more clients into your personal training, boot camp or cross training gym it doesn’t get any easier than this… it just doesn’t.


And I’m so confident that this is going to work for you that I’m backing it up with a full 365-day money back guarantee. Yep, I’m giving you a full year to use my done-for-you email promotions risk free.

Remember, every single one of these email promos have been written by me and test in my gym with my clients. And the only ones I’m selling you are the ones that have performed the best. So don’t hesitate to pick them up today, and use it this week to get more clients into your training program.

So don’t hesitate to pick them up today, and use it this week to get more clients into your training program.

Talk soon,

© Keuilian Inc 2014